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Do Yoga in The Dark

Do yoga in the dark

Yoga in The Dark to add a little modern je-ne-sais-quoi to your regular routine!

A dark room, a fun & upbeat playlist, and a bunch of yogis kitted out in their best neon attire. A flowing class designed to get you moving, opening up and letting go of tension… all while having a great time.

This class allows you to think outside the yoga box and do your practice in a different way.

The low lights increase the challenge – every tried to balance in the dark?

Neon adds a new visual element – imagine flashes of neon throughout the room as yogis collectively move through the flow.

Finally, the music is modern and upbeat, in line with the festive atmosphere of the class.

The low lights increment the test – each endeavored to adjust obliviously?

Neon includes another visual component – envision flashes of neon all through the room as yogis by and large travel through the stream.

At last the music is present day and playful, in accordance with the bubbly environment of the class.

Dubai’s yoga group is developing by the day, and occupants have never been more spoilt for decision regarding where to rehearse.

Here are a portion of the best spots in Dubai to reveal your tangle, regardless of whether you’re a beginner that can scarcely touch your toes or a prepared yogi.

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