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Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park covers an area of 106 hectares and offers barbecue sites, private chalets for hire, swimming pool, food kiosks, sheltered beach and safe lagoon, a scenic train and many children’s play areas. Piped music is played throughout the day and there are pleasant grassed picnic areas. It is located approximately 5 km after the turn off to Hamriya Port.

Being one of the beach parks, it distinguishes itself with its vast space and unique location on the golden sand beach, as well as the recreational areas existing in this exquisite park.

Al Mamzar Beach Park was inaugurated in a joyful atmosphere during the celebrations of the Arab Cities Organization conference in 1994. It is 99 hectares large and costed 100 million Dirhams.

The Park’s Beaches
One of the main beautiful and recreational characteristics of Al Mamzar Beach Park being a beach park, where five outstretched beaches are available, provided with watchtowers, lifeguards, changing rooms and shades for beach users.

Visitors can easily reach the beach from many entrances, through gates specified for individuals and cars.

Available Services The Park’s Swimming Pools
The park encompasses a large swimming pool divided into 3 pools for children and adults. Seats, shades, changing rooms, showers and a snackhouse are available, in addition to the permanent presence of lifeguards.

Barbecue Areas
Twenty eight areas are furnished with modern barbecue sets, grills, umbrellas and seats, facing beach number 5.

The picnic regions are also numerous and distributed in different parts of the park and include Park Train, Children Games, Leisure Games, Roller Skating Area, Football & Basketball, Bicycle Rental, Chalets & Beaches, Roller Skates, Swimming Pools, Barbecue Areas, Restaurants, Snack houses, Ladies Days & Places

The Park’s (Chalets)Al Mamzar Beach Park
Some of the distinguished services provided by Al Mamzar Beach Park are the modern air-conditioned bungalows, set for daily use as well as barbecue areas and showers. A total of 15 bungalows provided for rentals are situated on beach number 4 and could be rented from the park’s administration.

The Amphi-theater and Tower Area
The park amphi-theater equipped to host various musical ceremonies, is located next to the administration building and the individual’s entrance gate. The eight-meter high tower lies in the park center and visitors can enjoy a view of the park features and its various parts up from the top.

Games Areas
A variety of children’s games have been distributed around the park, where modern sledges, climbing and hanging items are available; in addition to an athletic training area for adults surrounded by palm trees close to the bungalows.

The Green Areas
The park contains different kinds of trees, flowers and wall plants. It has also been cultivated with 1600 palm trees, 300 coconut trees and 6000 various kinds of trees and bushes, in addition to 55000 square meters of green lawns.

The Park Snack houses and Entrances
Three main entrances are available in the park, one for cars, and two for the public. An external parking is set to fit 1200 cars and an internal one for 460 cars. A main restaurant is available in the park in addition to ten snackhouses, scattered around the park. Visitors can reach the various recreational areas, with the help of guiding panels and signs distributed.

The park lies on the gulf shores, north of Al Hamriya Port in Al Mumzar Residential Area.

Entrance Fees
Car entrance fee 30 Dhs, 5 Dhs per person
Large chalet AED 200+ Park Fees (6 people)
Small chalet AED 150+ Park Fees (4 people)
Pool 10 Dhs adults, children 5 Dhs

For Chalet Booking
email: m.chalet@dm.gov.ae
Contact: 800900
Website: Dubai Municipality Parks

Contact Number
Tel: +9714 2966201
Chalet +9714 2967454

Visiting Time
Sunday to Wednesday: 09:00am to 09:00 pm
Thursday to Saturday & public holidays: 09:00 am to 10:00 pm
During Ramadan: 09:00 am to 10:00 pm
Ladies Day: Monday and Wednesday