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Dubai Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum

Inspired by the significance of coffee to different cultures and countries through the centuries is the theme of Dubai’s Coffee Museum, which allows visitors to view the rituals of serving the popular beverage and to taste it.

Located at villa No 44, a traditional Emirati home in Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi historical district, the visitor get enthralled by the familiar aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee MuseumCoffee is relished all over the world and it has been a part of Middle Eastern heritage for ages. Dubai’s heritage district, Al Fahidi, welcomes the country’s very first ever dedicated coffee museum.

The museum has its doors open to the public, the Dubai Coffee Museum has more explanatory information around the exhibits.

Dubai Coffee Museum is located in a back street of the village. The small entrance through the museum’s small gift shop openn into the central courtyard house with two-tier maze of majlis and miniature adjoining rooms, featuring intriguing artefacts.

Coffee MuseumThe place showcases not only regional, but also global coffee history. The initial beginning of the museum started with a small handful of artefacts related to coffee making and drinking. With the growing interest in visitors, the ground floor level of the museum is now divided into zones reflecting the traditions of different coffee drinking cultures. One entire area of the courtyard is dedicated to Ethiopia. Visitors can see the beans roasting using traditional Ethiopian technique.The Egyptian barista is also one of the attractions here. Coffee museum also includes an Emirati-style majlis, where local Bedouin coffee traditions are observed. The courtyard has small exhibition rooms with artefacts and antiques.

Coffee MuseumWe also get to see the antiques that are 300 year old items that are distinctive, such as the jug-shaped clay coffee pots historically used by the Ethiopians known as ‘jebena’ and the Yemeni equivalent, known as ‘jamena’. These styles of pot signify the earliest beginning of coffee drinking (discovered in Ethiopia), and coffee roasting that is attributed to the Yemeni.
Coffee Museum also has the literature room, which displays texts based on coffee, from the eighteenth century to the present day.

Coffee Museum dubai
Al Fahidi Heritage Village
near Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding
Al Musallah Road, Al Fahidi Historical District
Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 353 8777
Web: www.coffeemuseum.ae


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