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Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain show is a favorite tourist attraction for people from all walks of life and ages. Various parts of the world are aware of these things so that there is plenty of fountain show which you can see a Wonderful show at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Fountain of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

The city of Dubai as a city that is aware of the tourism did not want to miss and represent Dubai Fountain as one of the attractions for visitors to Dubai. Dubai Fountain is still in the area of Dubai Mall. As you already know in advance that the Dubai Mall is located in Burj Khalifa complex, or Downtown Dubai complex.

Dubai FountainA famous complex and located in downtown Dubai, which includes the Dubai Mall, the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, The Address Dubai hotels and other luxury buildings. In the middle of the complex of buildings there is an artificial lake measuring 30 hectares.

The artificial lake named Lake Burj Khalifa and the local government has plans to add an amphitheater facility alongside a lake and water transport can be passed over it. Water transport can be used by anyone to pay 1 Dirham. After a while, the company Emaar entered the race to get the best name for the fountain in the lake.

Dubai FountainThe race can be followed by all the residents of Dubai. Finally, obtained the best name for the fountain that is the Dubai Fountain. Dubai Fountain is located right in the middle of the lake Burj Khalifa. Making Lake Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain until fully completed at a cost of 800 million Dirhams.

The fountain that operates from 2009 was designed by the Water Entertainment Technologies, the company in Los Angeles that is focused on making the design of the fountain. The company has made 200 designs fountains in various parts of the world and one of the most famous is the Fountain of Bellagio, Las Vegas. The main design of the Dubai Fountain is 5 circles lined up and connected to form a horizontal line.

Dubai FountainIn 2010, the total length of the end of the first circle until the last extended up to 275 meters. The size is equivalent to 2 times the football field and outsize fountains of the Bellagio Fountain. By that measure, anyone who was at an altitude of 32,000 meters in the air, can see the Dubai Fountain, when the weather is supportive.

Dubai Fountain also can spray as much as 83,000 liters of water. This could happen because of the Dubai Fountain is equipped with a nozzle and a jet of water which are numerous. Everything is powered and high pressure. If the standard sprayers are working, Dubai Fountain can spray water up to 240 meters in the air.

Dubai FountainAnd if the super sprayers were working, Dubai Fountain can spray water up to 420 meters in the air. This high equivalent to the height of the building that has 50 floors. Super sprayers are usually used when the show towards the end because their use is a bit difficult. Dubai Fountain is also equipped with such a device connected robot by remote control.

This tool allows the water to be sprayed can lead to the top, to the left, to the right, curving downward, it appears that the water is like dancing. At night, the Dubai Fountain show will be more interesting because the manager pair of colorful lights as much as 6,600 more and 25 color projectors. There is also the effect of fire is applied to the edge of the water.

Not complete it if water is sprayed at the Dubai Fountain, sprayed off without appendages. Then, the manager puts music or songs equated with the movement of water. The song is installed consists of several genres, themes and come from various countries. The songs, both international songs, songs typical of the middle east, and local songs were often heard.

Dubai FountainThe closest place to see Dubai Fountain clearly and beautifully is in the area behind the Dubai Mall, which is adjacent to the Burj Khalifa tower. In these places provided the arrangement of stairs which can be used as a seat of the visitors who want to watch the show Dubai Fountain. Cafes or restaurants that exist in the outside area behind Dubai Mall can also be an option.

On Sunday to Wednesday, the Dubai Fountain begins at 6 pm to 10 pm. Among these will be a lag time and the time will start to come back every 30 minutes. Special show will take place while there are special days such as Eid or New Year.


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