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Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden, Slice of Heaven on Deserts

Dubai does have a lot of tourist destinations that is worth visiting, and even many of them are entering into a world record. This time we will invite you to a place far away from the hustle of the city, the mall, and close to nature and the air. Where else but to get around in the world’s largest flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden. Its beauty is like a piece of heaven on the desert. Yes, the world’s largest flower garden is built on the desert. In guarantee you will be amazed when it comes to this place. Want to know more? Let us refer to the review.

About Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle GardenVery appropriate that this place was recorded in the guinness book of records. How not, this flower garden built on the desert area of 72,000 square meters, has 45 million kinds of flowers in various types including rare flowers such as petunias, marigolds and calendulas, originating from various countries ranging from Egypt to the United States.

To keep the flowers which totaled 150 million is needed water as much as 200,000 gallons (757.082 liters) per day. No wonder the Miracle Garden’s entry into the Guinness Book Records as the “Largest Vertical Garden” in The World. The park is also called the “Piece of Eden”.

Dubai Miracle GardenDubai Miracle Garden was designed and created by Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Company based in Al Ain and initiated by the engineer Abdel Nasser Rahhal. Dubai Miracle Garden opened to the public for the first time on 14 February 2013, to coincide on Valentine’s Day.

What can be enjoyed in Dubai Miracle Garden

When you enter the area of Dubai Miracle Garden of Gate 1, you will be greeted with poles with hanging flowers such as street lamps on either side along the path toward the inside. On the left of the entrance gate, there are areas of Peacock with very beautiful colors with three kinds of designs. While the gate 2, you will be greeted with a walkway with an arch of flowers from right to left along the straight walkway. From the VIP gate, you will be greeted with flower-shaped arch love, lining the straight walkway.

Dubai Miracle GardenYou will pass the Falcon, emblem of the UAE which is made from the flowers of course, also a basket decorated with flowers.There are also a wide variety of floral designs are very beautiful. Among the houses European model decorated with flowers, a large area where a wide variety of cars decorated with flowers, flowers with 3D design, dome made of flowers with seating around it, the expanse of colorful flowers love-shaped, star, sunflower, fruit apples, animals and others.

Dubai Miracle GardenThe interesting thing is there is a replica of the Burj Khalifa with flowers in height of 18 meters. There are also seven pyramids of flowers, the UAE flag, round clock with a diameter of 13 meters, indicating the time in Dubai include birds that would come out of his wooden house and make a noise every 15 minutes. This clock can change the design every season or two times a year. It is in the middle of the park along with the fifth Dome, Ferrari area, Mushroom village flower, 3D art flower design and there are caffe, Figaro Caffee, for those who want to relax while enjoying a cup of coffee and sit around the dome.

Dubai Miracle GardenNot only that. There are footpaths on it lined umbrella along that path. Then a birthday zone, tents and gazebo decorated with flowers near the animal zone. The fountains on either side of Islamic Arches Design. Along the wall area of Dubai Miracle Garden decorated with flowers that form of animation pots with flowers as if spilled from its place as the water, forming indentations in such a way that it looked like a real spill. And there are many other flowers with a stunning design.

Dubai Miracle Garden is only open when winter arrives. Approximately between October and March. Uncertain. You can check the official website of Dubai Miracle Garden Official Website


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